Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Ampere 2019

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Takeko Matsumura, Y. Kanematsu

Last modified: 11-10-2019


It has been realized that various chemical reactions are accelerated under irradiation of MW. Such Microwave chemistry is known as time-saving, clear and eco-friendly. MW ovens are world-wide domestic tools for cooking which can serve meals quickly. Regardless of its convenience, few understand the essential mechanism of MW ovens.  For better understanding of MW chemistry, authors think it is necessary for to introduce elementary knowledge   by holding   a 1-day program of experiments by using microwave (MW) ovens.“Science with microwave oven”, 1-day program which we developed and named “Hirameki Tokimeki Science” was supported by Japan Society for the promotion of Science, has been performed over four years.More than 100 students of elementary and junior-high school have joined the program.Here we report the program, response from students.Program of experiments: “1:  Dyeing handkerchief with onion peer (*1),   2:  Cooking of pizza quickly yeast-leavened, 3:  Preparation of shining slime with fluorescein dye synthesized in nonsolvent reaction.  4.  Plasma in MW oven (*2), etc.”Students realized how MW accelerated chemical reactions and that dyeing under MW was faster and more fixed compared with the conventional methods. Besides, they could enjoy lunch with pizza and dealing with the slime, both they made. They had a good time with a bit of scientific knowledge. Through 1-day program, we can make science more familiar with students, and it will cause young students to become more interested in science, lead them to future research workers.In addition to the “Hirameki Tokimeki (Inspiration and Spark) Program, we have doneVolunteer activities at Ishinomaki, one of the most damaged cities at the Higashi Nihon Big Earthquake, in 2011.“Science with microwave oven” program surely gives students mysterious interest anddream for Science. That is “Inspire and Spark!”





microwave;chemical experiments; educational;voluntary activities

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