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Computational Image: a review about the image as simulation
Teofilo Augusto da Silva, Suzete Venturelli

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This essay it’s a bibliographic review about the issue of the image in the computational art creation environment. With the technological breakthroughs, specially in the computer graphics, the computational images insert themselves in the art field to understand and discuss how they can interfere in sign and meaning matter. WIth the computational technology the images became machine generated and this phenomenon impacts are still under investigation. This work, that have as base the discussions brought by Edmond Couchot, Oliver Grau, Cláudia Gianetti, José Luis Brea, Pierre Lévy, Vilém Flusser, Suzete Venturelli and Cleomar Rocha, aims to show off the consequences, in the artist context, of numerical ambient images uses.

Palabras clave

Computational Art; Numerical Image; Simulation

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