Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, 12th international conference on ‘Advances in Steel-Concrete Composite Structures’ - ASCCS 2018

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Fire performance of concrete-encased CFST columns and beam-column joints
Kan Zhou, Lin-Han Han

Last modified: 28-03-2018


Concrete-encased CFST (concrete filled steel tube) structure is a type of composite structure featuring an inner CFST component and an outer reinforced concrete (RC) component. They are gaining popularity in high-rise buildings and large-span buildings in China nowadays. To date, the behaviour of concrete-encased CFST structures at ambient temperature has been investigated, but their fire performance has seldom been addressed, including the performance in fire and after exposure to fire. This paper summarizes the fire test results of concrete-encased CFST columns and beam-column joints. The cruciform beam-column joint was composed of one continuous concrete-encased CFST column and two cantilevered reinforced concrete (RC) beams. These specimens were subjected to a combined effect of load and full-range fire. The test procedure included four phases, i.e. a loading phase at ambient temperature, a standard fire exposure phase with constant load applied, a sequential cooling phase and a postfire loading phase. The main findings are presented and analysed. Two types of failure were identified, i.e. the failure during fire exposure and the failure during postfire loading. Global buckling failure was observed for all the column specimens. The column specimens with common load ratios achieved high fire ratings without additional fire protection. The concrete-encased CFST columns also retained high postfire residual strength. As for the joint members, beam failure was observed in all cases. The measured temperature-time history and deformation-time history are also presented and discussed. For both the column and joint specimens, the deformation over the cooling phase was significantly greater than that in the standard fire exposure phase.

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