Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, 12th international conference on ‘Advances in Steel-Concrete Composite Structures’ - ASCCS 2018

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Behavior of innovative T-shaped multi-partition steel-concrete composite columns under concentric and eccentric compressive loadings
Jie Chen, Sumei Zhang, Zhenfeng Huang, Xiongxiong Zhang, Lanhui Guo

Last modified: 25-04-2018


T-shaped multi-partition steel-concrete composite column, composed of several concrete-filled rectangular steel hollow sections, is considered as an innovative composite member with the ability to accommodate neighboring wall thickness with great easiness. This paper intends to study the behavior of this innovative composite member under concentric and eccentric compressive loadings. A finite element (FE) analysis model accounting for the influences of confinement effects, geometric and material nonlinearities is developed using the program ABAQUS. The ultimate strength and load-strain responses predicted from the analysis are validated against the test results in the experiments conducted by the authors. The comparisons indicate that the FE model reasonably estimates the responses of the concentrically and eccentrically loaded T-shaped multi-partition steel-concrete composite columns. The verified model is then utilized to numerically investigate the working mechanism of the columns. The load distribution between the infilled concrete and the steel tubes and the stress distribution of the concrete during the loading process are analyzed. Moreover, parametric studies are performed to investigate the behavior of T-shaped multi-partition steel-concrete composite columns under different loadings. The studied parameters include steel to concrete area ratio, concrete compressive strength, steel yield strength and load eccentricity. Combined with the experimental results, FE analysis and parametric studies, the design recommendations for T-shaped multi-partition steel-concrete composite columns under different loadings are proposed.

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