Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, 12th international conference on ‘Advances in Steel-Concrete Composite Structures’ - ASCCS 2018

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An innovative concrete-steel structural system allowing for a fast and simple erection
Clemence Lepourry, Hugues Somja, Pisey Keo, Piseth Heng, Franck Palas

Last modified: 23-03-2018


In usual concrete buildings, medium to long span slabs can only be achieved by using prestressed beams. However, these elements are heavy, making their handling expensive;  the cladding of these beams to vertical elements creates several difficulties, particularly in case of moment resisting frames; at last, their precamber implies a cautious management of the concreting and is a source of defects.

Steel-concrete composite beams may offer an alternative, with similar performances.  However they are not considered by concrete builders, because specific tools and skills are needed to erect them on site. Moreover usual composite members require a supplementary fire protection, which is costly and unsightly.

This article presents an innovative steel-concrete moment resisting portal frame that overcomes these difficulties. It is based on composite tubular columns, and a composite beam made of a U-shaped steel profile used as permanent formwork to encase a concrete beam. This steel-concrete duality of beams allows an erection on site without any weld or bolt by a wise positioning of the construction joints. Moreover, as the resistance to fire is ensured by the concrete beam, the system does not require any additional fire protection. Finally, as only steel elements have to be handled on site, there is no need of heavy cranes.

This system has been used to build a research center near Rennes, in France. As it is not covered in present norms, an experimental validation was required. After a detailed description of the structural system, the full-scale tests which have been performed are presented :

-            A series of asymmetrical push-out tests in order to determine the behaviour and resistance of shear connectors;

-            One 6-point bending test made to investigate the resistance of the USCHB under sagging bending moment;

Two tests of the beam-column joint.

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