Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, 12th international conference on ‘Advances in Steel-Concrete Composite Structures’ - ASCCS 2018

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Experimental investigations on the load bearing behaviour of an innovative prestressed composite floor system in fire
Peter Schaumann, Patrick Meyer, Martin Mensinger, Suet Kwan Koh

Last modified: 17-03-2018


In Germany, regulations for hollow spaces in slab systems require 30 minutes standard fire resistance of the load-bearing steel construction. Within a current national research project a natural fire scenario for the hollow space was developed based on realistic fire loads and ventilation conditions in the hollow space. Assuming this realistic fire scenario in the hollow space, two large scale tests on an innovative composite floor system were performed to evaluate the influence on the load bearing behaviour of the floor system.

The integrated and sustainable composite floor system consists of a prestressed concrete slab, an unprotected, bisected hot rolled I-profile with composite dowels either in puzzle or clothoidal shape, and removable floor panels on the top of the I-profile. This floor system ensures the opportunity to adjust the technical building installations in accordance with the use of the building. This integrated and sustainable composite floor system was developed in several research projects. The standard fire resistance R90 for the fire scenario below the slab system has already been proven successfully.

In this paper, experimental investigations regarding the heating and load bearing behaviour of the innovative composite floor system under the newly developed natural fire scenario of hollow spaces are presented. In doing so, the special test set-up to realise the fire tests for the fire scenario hollow space will be described in detail. After the fire scenario for the hollow space, the specimen was subjected to the ISO standard fire curve to establish the failure temperature of the unprotected I-profile. In addition to the temperature development and the load bearing behaviour inside the innovative floor during the heating phase, the cooling phase and the influence of a web opening on the load bearing behaviour will be discussed.

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