Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, CARMA 2016 - 1st International Conference on Advanced Research Methods and Analytics

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Is content king? Job seekers’ engagement with social media employer branding content.
Kilian J. Moser, Andranik Tumasjan, Isabell M. Welpe

Last modified: 27-06-2016


Increasing digitization and the emergence of social media have radically
changed the recruitment landscape adding interactive digital platforms to
traditional means of employer communication. Removing barriers of distance
and timing, social media enable firms to continue their efforts of promoting
their employment brand online. However, social media employer
communication and employer brand building remains woefully understudied.
Our study addresses this gap by investigating how firms use social media to
promote their employer brand. We analyze employer branding
communication in a sample of N = 216,828 human resources (HR) related
Tweets from N = 166 Fortune 500 companies. Using supervised machine
learning we classify the Tweet content according to its informational and
inspirational nature, identifying five categories of employer branding social
media communication on Twitter.

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