Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, CARMA 2016 - 1st International Conference on Advanced Research Methods and Analytics

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Structural Equation Modeling in Research on Brand Capital in Higher Education
Javier Casanoves-Boix, Ines Küster-Boluda, Natalia Vila-Lopez

Last modified: 23-06-2017


This  research  is  done  in  order  to  examine  the  role  of  the  brand  capital  in higher education. For this purpose, we analyze the main contributions of the literature  related  to  the  study  of  the  brand capital and  its  application  in  the educational  sector,  identifying  which  variables  determine  the  brand  capital in  the  higher  education  sector.  Once  we  establish  the  susceptible  brand capital in the higher education sector, an empirical research is done by using a questionnaire developed in Spanish language with a Likert scale of grade 5 in  which  1  point  means  "strongly  disagree"  and  5  mean  "strongly  agree", being based on the measurement scales proposed by Aaker (1992) and Keller (1993).  Thus,  we  have  a  valid  sample  of  690  university  professors  (438  of them  from  public  institutions  and  356  from  private  ones).  The  results  have been obtained by using a structural equation method, showing the relevance of  each  variable  and  determining  those  most  discriminant  for  university professors. 

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