Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, CARMA 2020 - 3rd International Conference on Advanced Research Methods and Analytics

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Comparing Methods to Retrieve Tweets: a Sentiment Approach
Stephan Schlosser, Daniele Toninelli, Michela Cameletti

Last modified: 12-05-2020


In current times Internet and social media have become almost unavoidable
tools to support research and decision making processes in various fields.
Nevertheless, the collection and use of data retrieved from these types of
sources pose different challenges. In a previous paper we compared the
efficiency of three alternative methods used to retrieve geolocated tweets over
an entire country (United Kingdom). One method resulted as the best
compromise in terms of both the effort needed to set it and quantity/quality of
data collected. In this work we further check, in term of content, whether the
three compared methods are able to produce “similar information”. In
particular, we aim at checking whether there are differences in the level of
sentiment estimated using tweets coming from the three methods. In doing so,
we take into account both a cross-section and a longitudinal perspective. Our
results confirm that our current best option does not show any significant
difference in the sentiment, producing globally scores in between the scores
obtained using the two alternative methods. Thus, such a flexible and reliable
method can be implemented in the data collection of geolocated tweets in other
countries and for other studies based on the sentiment analysis.

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