Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, CARPE Conference 2019: Horizon Europe and beyond

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Capacity building on the field of Life Sciences – fields to articulate project ideas for CARPE partners
János Felföldi

Last modified: 06-11-2019


Within the Faculty of Economics and Business (UD) our research group focuses on Lifestyle and Health Sciences. We define health as a complex psycho-bio and social phenomenon and the overall goal is to promote, assist and implement Sustainable Lifestyle.

However Sustainable Lifestyle has many corresponding scientific sub-categories, beyond our activities we concentrate on

(1) the present trends and future potential of sustainable food consumption, covering special consumer demands on functional food, organic, ethical , fairly traded, LOHAS and local products, plant-based diet and cultured (lab-grown) meat, Sustainable European traditional pig (Fatty Pig) etc.,

(2) Short Food Supply Chain,

(3) renewable energy, and

(4) the economic, social, health preserving effects of physical activity.

Our aim is to run professional lifestyle studies focusing on actual research issues of Health Industry. Within the scope of Sustainable Lifestyle we wish to contribute to general awareness-raising about Health Economy with a special attention on social health-consciousness.

Our proposal initiates seek future collaborations with CARPE members due to

1. Organisation of joint educational (bachelor, master and PhD) events;

2. Exchange of students;

3. Exchange of teaching and research staff;

5. Exchange of articles, publications and other scientific information;

6. Organisation of common scientific conferences.



Sustainability, Short Food Supply Chain, Consumer Behaviour

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