Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, CARPE Conference 2019: Horizon Europe and beyond

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Potential of landfill biogas production for power generation in the Valencian Region (Spain)
Carlos Vargas-Salgado, Jesús Aguila-León, Cristian Chiñas-Palacios, Lina Montuori

Last modified: 11-09-2019


Landfills are one of the most common ways to dispose the solid urban waste in many countries due to their relatively simple technical requirements, operational costs and low investment. Moreover, biogas produced in landfills can be used as a renewable energy source for power generation. The Valencian Region is one of the largest solid urban waste producers in Spain, and therefore, it has an unexplored potential of landfill biogas production. This paper aims to estimate the potential of biogas landfill production for power generation in the Valencian Region. Statistical data from solid urban waste in landfills in the provinces of Alicante, Castellón, and Valencia was gathered. Then the potential of landfill biogas production was estimated by means of waste classification for each province. To provide information related to the use of landfill gas as an alternative source of energy,  results presented in this work show that the Valencian Region has an important potential to use landfill biogas from solid urban waste as a renewable source for power generation, and also provide information to the regional government, academic researches, policy makers and investors.


Landfill biogas; bioenergy potential; landfill biogas power generation; renewable energy; solid urban waste management; Valencian region.

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