Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, CARPE Conference 2019: Horizon Europe and beyond

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Empowering Youth Employment through European Digital Bootcamps (EDIBO)
Begoña Sáiz Mauleón, Lenin Guillermo Lemus Zuñiga, Jorge E. Luzuriaga, Miguel Angel Mateo Pla, Jose Vicente Benlloch Dualde, Olga Ampuero Canellas, Jimena González-del Río Cogorno, Nereida Tarazona Berenguer

Last modified: 11-09-2019


Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are transforming every area of economic and social life all around the world. New types of jobs different from the traditional ones are created rapidly. The demand for highly skilled staff who uses technology effectively has become a requirement for success of companies and the growing industry.


However, the number of IT graduates is not keeping up with the current demand. In addition, companies have little or no training programs to develop ICT skills. Initiatives from the European Economic Area (EEA) and Norway Grants to support transnational projects for Youth Employment including European Digital Bootcamps (EDIBO) contribute to increase the job opportunities for young people outside of the labour market. In this way the Sustainable Development Goal 8 which aims to “promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all” could be fulfilled.


Nowadays, EDIBO is developing different training labs in order to achieve a success model of all processes involved with the organization, execution and evaluation. The goal of this document is to allow a rapid replication of the intensive ICT training among the partners of the project as well to the social innovation community in general.


Bootcamp; ICT; youth employment; social project.

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