Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, CARPE Conference 2019: Horizon Europe and beyond

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Supporting an European Up-scaling of Net Zero Energy House renovations
Rogier Laterveer

Last modified: 18-11-2019


We present to you a proposal for a CARPE collaboration in a proposed European research program.

Upscaling technologies for Net Zero Energy buildings in the built environment and particular in the construction industry is a challenge that a few companies in the Netherlands can take on. But what does it take to up-scale technology to facilitate a broader transition in the European Union to meet the climate goals? We need knowledge about our customers and the designs that connect to their needs. But we also need to know in what kind of houses people live. Especially the technical state of these houses and where these houses are located. We find that the knowledge of how houses and apartment buildings are actually built is lacking and not connected on a European level. The knowledge is crucial to the companies whom face the risks of designing product systems (project independent) and find that the designs won’t fit the houses they apply them on. This means the companies and investors will not invest descent amounts of money in the production facilities and thus scaling production to normal amounts of products is lacking.

So we need a lot of specific data that connects to the needs of companies so they know how to (re)design product families to be produces for a wide variety of markets. A diverse and perceived difficult to handle stakeholder in this is the private house owner, but also there seems to be a lack in knowledge with company owned houses about the technical state. To get data on the materials of houses (apartments and houses) it creates also a material library for future purposes and if in te future the data is connected to a BIM and GEO model it can be updated and extended with new added technologies.

This research tries to engage Secondary Vocational Education, Universities of Applied Sciences and Universities in general to collaborate in harvesting crucial data about houses throughout Europe for the energy transition.

This proposal intents to jumpstart a collaboration with al CARPE partners.


European Housing Stock; Net Zero Energy; Renovation; Retrofit; Up-Scaling; Building Technology

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