Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, CARPE Conference 2019: Horizon Europe and beyond

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Theoretical and Empirical Background for a Higher Education Model of Active Community Learning
Gabriella Pusztai, Zsuzsanna Demeter-Karászi, Tímea Szűcs

Last modified: 04-11-2019


Higher Education Research and Development Center (CHERD) at the University of Debrecen performed several basic and applied research on Higher Education. Debrecen is a typical regional HE institution with international attraction in the peripheral area of EU. We performed a series of student surveys during the last decade, and we had the opportunity to reveal the process of gaining ground of non-traditional students in HE. Our center provides an inspiring context for  researchers, where they have opportunity to discuss  their formulating new research directions  and to interpretat data and research results together. The Center supports talent esplorations and -development. Both MA/PhD students and researchers with great experience work together as a learning community. Thus, the mutual transfer and exchange of experience makes possible a continuous teaching-learning process during the research. Further more the concentration of professional development increases a special form of social capital.


research and education, higher education research, talent management, reform process

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