Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, CARPE Conference 2019: Horizon Europe and beyond

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Measurement of the Teamwork and Networking Competencies in Innovative Contexts
Juan Antonio Marín García, Maribel Martinez-Villaescusa, Lourdes Aznar Mas

Last modified: 22-11-2019


The aim of our research is to develop a questionnaire that allows a valid and reliable self-assessment of two soft competencies: Teamwork (TW) and Networking (NW), for professionals at organizations or job applicants.

In this paper, focus will be set on the filtering of a bank of possible items, and the confirmation that the items finally selected:
a) Represent one or several conceptual dimensions within TW or NW
b) Show an agreement between independent evaluators to analyze the overlap between items and dimensions: in our case, to be able to classify the items into their adequate dimension
c) Check that the set of items selected in agreement among evaluators represents all the sub-dimensions of the construct to be assessed

We will use the bank of TW and NW items identified by previous research (itemsA) (Lukes & Stephan, 2017, Pérez Peñalver et al., 2018), which was classified and carried out within the European Project FINCODA (itemsB) (Marin-Garcia, 2018). With itemsA and B, we will try to sort out items into their corresponding categories.

To identify the items with the best content validity, we will use the raw agreement and Content Validity Ratio (CVR) measures (Lawshe, 1975, Tristan-Lopez, 2008), the intercoder agreement measures (Marin-Garcia et al., 2008a; Marin -Garcia et al., 2016b) and Krippendorff's Alpha (Friese, 2018; Krippendorff, 2018; Krippendorff et al., 2016).


learning; soft-skills; teamwork; networking; measurement model

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