Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, CARPE Conference 2019: Horizon Europe and beyond

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Virtual Training in Safety and Security – TUAS Visions for Next Generation Learning
Mika Luimula, Roosa Talvitie, Nina Rantalaiho-Kulo

Last modified: 04-11-2019


The new suggested collaboration is related to the development of learning materials for a virtual environment that can be used in multiprofessional excercises for improving safety and security in bodies of water and /or in urban settings. We have identified both national and international needs for virtual training. Especially safety and security with dangerous or hazardous working environments seems to be one of the first domains where virtual training should be widely applied. We are searching for both end users such as shipping companies or fire departments but also researchers from various fields. In order to be able to develop learning content we will need a multidisciplinary team consisting which is able to design and implement suitable learning episodes but also measure the impact in improved safety and security conditions. In this, paper we will use virtual fire safety training application as an example of next generation learning. Finally, we will show our first field experiences from Oman..


Maritime Safety, Urban Safety, Virtual Reality, Next Generation Learning, Emergency Services

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