Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, CARPE Conference 2019: Horizon Europe and beyond

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"Design for All” in Architectural Heritage conservation: the technology challenge
Vicente Lopez Mateu, Teresa Pellicer Armiñana

Last modified: 10-10-2019


Among the United Nations 2030 objectives for the sustainable development, stand out those who seek social, economic and cultural equality of people, within the framework of different human settlements, their cultural heritage and the natural environment. This idea raises the need to establish effective strategies, resources and tools aimed to balance the current conditions in most disadvantaged groups, such as people with disabilities.

The situation is complicated because the barriers to integration and inclusivity are diverse, the initiatives, legislation and ways of acting are also very different. Therefore, overcoming the situation requires a broad multidisciplinary approach. On the other hand, Heritage resources can be a valuable mean for permanent and sustainable development, if there is a proper combination of different aspects: design, management and maintenance, continuous improvement and dissemination with inclusive criteria.

One of the possibilities to afford that difficult task is to promote in the field of university education different activities such as information exchange, cross-cutting networks, research studies, experimental ICT tools development and adequate dissemination. This proposal is structured in this sense to arouse the interest and participation of teachers, students and researchers in these actions, establishing collaborative projects and work proposals.


Design for all, Cultural Heritage conservation, Universal Accessibility, ICT for Inclusivity.

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