Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, 1st Congress in Geomatics Engineering

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José Fernández, Josep Gallart, Ramón Carbonell, Jordi Díaz, Antonio Villaseñor, Antonio Azor, Francisco J. Gonzalez-Matesanz, Adelina Geyer, Juan J. Curto, Maurizio Mattesini, Roberto Rodríguez-Fernández, José L. Fernández-Turiel

Last modified: 18-10-2017


EPOS (European Plate Observation System) (https://www.epos-ip.org/) is now established as the only European multidisciplinary and global research infrastructure in Earth Sciences. It integrates several hundred national observatories for the observation and measurement of the internal and dynamic structure of the planet, and in particular in Europe, distributed in 25 European countries, including Spain. The EPOS project, included in the 2008 ESFRI Roadmap, has been recognized by ESFRI in 2016 as a priority project for its implementation, because of its strategic relevance in the European Research Area.


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