Congresos de la Universitat Politècnica de València, CIT2016. Congreso de Ingeniería del Transporte

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The Potential of Road Pricing Schemes for Reducing Carbon Emissions
Silvio Nocera, Federico Giaretta, Federico Cavallaro

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Road pricing is a transport measure mainly conceived to fund road management, to regulate the demand for traffic and to reduce the number of private vehicles circulating in urban areas. It can also grant benefits in terms of environmental externalities including the reduction of CO2 emissions, which has recently become one of the most important elements defining the sustainability of a transport system. However, the carbon potential granted by road charging is rarely assessed, thus confirming a sort of secondary role attributed to CO2 in urban premises. This paper provides an accurate analysis of the relationship between the different forms of road pricing (including distance-based, congestion-based and pay-as-you-drive) and their effective role in terms of carbon reduction, which in some contexts is higher than 10%. Furthermore, practical suggestions to policy makers in terms of implementation of the measure are discussed, highlighting the precautions necessary to include a fair carbon evaluation into an overall effective analysis.


Palabras clave

CO2 Emissions, Congestion Based Road Pricing, Distance Based Road Pricing, Pay-as-you-drive, transport policy

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