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CARONTE project: Creating an Agenda for Research on Transportation Security
Jorge Leon Bello, Emilio Gonzalez Viosca

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Europe’s prosperity relies on effective transport systems. Any attacks and disturbances to land freight and passenger transport would have significant impact on economic growth, territorial cohesion, social development and the environment. Unfortunately, there are weaknesses in the land transport security.The objective of CARONTE project is define a future research agenda for security in land transport that focuses on core gaps caused by emerging risks while avoiding any doubling-up of research elsewhere. Its research agenda will cover all threats, including cyber-crime, and security aspects across all modes of land transportation. At the same time, it will respect the fundamental human rights and privacy of European citizens. The step-by-step method of CARONTE’s consortium has analyzed the state of the art and emerging risks; has identified gaps, analyses and assessments of potential solutions; and has produced an overall research agenda for the future.

CARONTE’s results will answer the following questions among others:

  • Which existing research projects merit a follow up and extension?
  • Where are the combinations or synergy effects to be attended?
  • Which themes and topics should be elaborated in new research projects?
  • Who should be involved and integrated in future research projects (stakeholders, authorities, etc.)?

The CARONTE consortium includes universities and research institutes, companies, and end-users providing with experience in research and consultancy in transportation, logistics, infrastructure management, security and communications. ITENE - Instituto Tecnológico del Embalaje, Transporte y Logística-  has been one of the Project partners among a total of 11 members from eight different countries in the European Union which have also been supported via a High Level Advisory Board.


Palabras clave

security; research agenda; land transport

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