Congresos de la Universitat Politècnica de València, CIT2016. Congreso de Ingeniería del Transporte

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Mathematical optimization for planning and design of cycle paths
Roberto José LIÑÁN Ruiz, Jorge Pérez Aracil, Víctor Cabrera Cañizares

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The daily need for citizens to move for different activities, whatever its nature, has been greatly affected by the changes. The advantages resulting from the inclusion of the bicycle as a mode of transport and the proliferation of its use among citizens are numerous and extend both in the field of urban mobility and sustainable development.Currently, there are a number of programs for the implementation, promotion or increased public participation related to cycling in cities. But ultimately, each and every one of these initiatives have the same goal, to create a mesh of effective, useful and cycling trails that allow the use of bicycles in preferred routes with high guarantees of security, incorporating bicycle model intermodal urban transport.With the gradual implementation of bike lanes, many people have begun to use them to get around the city. But everything again needs a period of adaptation, and the reality is that the road network for these vehicles is full of obstacles to the rider. The current situation has led to the proposal that many kilometers of cycle paths needed to supply the demand of this mode of transport and, if implemented and planned are correct and sufficient.This paper presents a mathematical programming model for optimal design of a network for cyclists is presented. Specifically, the model determines a network of bicycle infrastructure, appropriate to the characteristics of a network of existing roads.As an application of the proposed model, the result of these experiments give a number of useful conclusions for planning and designing networks of cycle paths from a social perspective, applied to the case in the city of Malaga.


Palabras clave

cycle paths; optimization; planning; design

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