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Methodological application of Location of service Public Bike. Service MUyBICI of Murcia
Roberto José LIÑÁN Ruiz, Fernando J. Berenguer Sempere, José Antonio Vera López, Ana Belén Pabón Dueñas, Salvador Merino Córdoba

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The use of non-motorized means of transport such as the bicycle, brings many benefits to the user and for the city in terms of costs and health for the first and decreased environmental pollution for the city.

To find the optimal location for placement of the different parties to public bike, aims to attract the usual user and potential, have the feasibility of switching modes without any restrictions, while generating the ability to balance the demands users towards sustainable modes of transport, with special attention to cycling and public bike loan.

The implementation of this methodology is performed in the municipality of Murcia (Spain) due to the opening of its public bicycle system MUyBICI which will have 60 benches, with a total of 1,200 posts anchor and put into circulation 600 public bicycles.

As selection criteria to be considered for the optimal location of the beds, the existing network of bike paths were considered, roads used by all users of the public highway, a description of travel and a database information with different land uses and socioeconomic data transport areas.

In this paper an analysis model and application for optimal design of banking locations for Murcia MUyBICI service occurs. Specifically, they define what are the best locations to attract a larger number of users, in order to achieve a change in the percentage of the modal split of the municipality, increasing the number of users MUyBICI service.

This work comes under the direction of the Bicycle Office of Murcia, part of the ALEM (Local Agency for Energy and Environment) service under the Department of Environment of the City of Murcia.


Palabras clave

MUyBICI; Murcia; Public bike; location; optimal;

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