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Assessment of Shopping Malls Accessibility: Case Study of Krakow
Anton Pashkevich, Sabina Puławska

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The main aim of presented study was to analyze and to assess accessibility of shopping malls as traffic generators in the city of Krakow (Poland) as well as to compare calculated results in the perspective of the whole amount of shopping centers. The scope of research work includes the calculation of two kinds of accessibility measures: distance measures based on the straight line (Euclidean distance) and real distances and potential accessibility measures also based on the same distances and, additionally, weighted by characteristics of shopping malls and transport districts. The data from the OpenStreetMap project was used to get information concerning transport network and two kinds of above-mentioned distances. At the end of article a possible usage of obtained results and the further development of topic are described.


Palabras clave

accessibility; shopping malls; OpenStreetMap

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