Congresos de la Universitat Politècnica de València, CIT2016. Congreso de Ingeniería del Transporte

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Assessing customs performance in the Mediterranean ports. KPI selection and Best practices identification as part of the MEDNET project
Pau Morales Fusco, Sergi Saurí Marchán, Anna Maria Lekka, Iosif Karousos

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The seamless flow of goods, people and investments across the Mediterranean necessitates a well-functioning port and transport system. More efficient port operations enhance seamless logistics and promote safety, efficiency, interoperability and interconnectivity of transport networks in the Mediterranean area.To promote the exchange of knowledge and expertise relevant to port and customs procedures and simplification of clearance for vessels and cargoes in the Mediterranean, the MEDNET project was launched. As part of the project a common evaluation framework for the performance of ports in the form of a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) together with a list of the best practices in terms of operations and customs procedures was developed.In total, 50 ports were analyzed and given a KPI regarding traffic, financial, operational and human resources, sustainability and customs procedures. The values were latter crossed with the current good practices on operation in terms of customs procedures. And a small correlation between KPIs performance and implantation degree of good practices in customs procedures was found. This presentation exposes the methodology to assess the ports’ performance and the best practices identification.


Palabras clave

DEA, port performance, KPI

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