Congresos de la Universitat Politècnica de València, FORTMED2015 - International Conference on Modern Age Fortifications of the Western Mediterranean coast

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Le fortificazioni della Toscana tirrenica: evoluzione geo-storica e condizioni attuali
Anna Guarducci

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The fortifications system of Tyrrhenian Tuscany – covers a timespan from Medieval Age to 19th century. It is composed by more than 150 structures. This system remained substantially intact until the unification of Italy. From 1863-66 most part of these fortifications was demilitarised and forsaken or were sell to privates. The research evaluates the fortifications geo-historical evolution and also their present conditions, like present property, preservation and scope. The geo-historical analysis showed in this conference focus the attention on three very important periods for training of the fortifications system: Medieval Age until 1500; 16th-17th centuries; 18th-19th centuries. The second part of my study concerns present conditions of the fortifications. In fact, several buildings are unfortunately disappeared or not identifiable, and others are inaccessible because they are located on private ownerships precluded to the public. However, in Tyrrhenian Tuscany there is a remarkable architectural and cultural heritage, that it isn’t always known and appreciated by local administrations, by protection authorities, by citizens and tourists.

Keywords: Fortifications, Tyrrhenian Tuscany, typology, geo-historical evolution, present conditions.


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