Congresos de la Universitat Politècnica de València, FORTMED2015 - International Conference on Modern Age Fortifications of the Western Mediterranean coast

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Digital construction for analysis: the Scalambri defensive system in Sicily
Anna Frascari, Angela Mancuso, Andrea Pasquali

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This research is focused around Italian defensive system on the southern coast of Sicily, in the territory of Ragusa. Object of this study is the system consisting in three coastal watchtowers, located in three hamlets in Santa Croce Camerina, a small town near Ragusa. These works of military engineering are nominated as Torre Vigliena in Punta Braccetto, Torre di Mezzo (or Torre di Pietro) in the homonym hamlet and Torre Scalambri in Punta Secca.

Despite their poor state of preservation, these towers have always been an eye catcher for their territory.

Today, observing this defensive system, one can note a variable state of decay: their original geometric characteristics and morphological shapes are not clearly legible.

This work consist in a first historical investigation, useful for the temporal location and for the comprehension of the roles of these towers.

Following, the study develops with the investigation of the environmental characteristics, to better understand the tower orientations and their observation devices.

The comparison between the three towers and with other examples from Sicily, numerous not only on the coastal area, will create a volumetric hypothesis; this construction, positioned in the virtual world of Google Earth, will complete the analysis providing valid observation points for the evaluation of their placement on the coast.

The study presented will be completed with an overview of the inner relations of the defensive tower system, regarding their volumes, geometry, materials and functions: this to better understand design strategy of settlement and to create a model comparable with other similar defensive configurations.


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