Congresos de la Universitat Politècnica de València, FORTMED2015 - International Conference on Modern Age Fortifications of the Western Mediterranean coast

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Orbetello, a fortress on the water. A research for the valorization of the city and its bastioned front.
Alessio Cartei, Marco Giorgio Bevilacqua, Caterina Calvani, Roberto Pierini, Domenico Taddei

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Orbetello is located in the Southern Tuscany, at the centre of a lagoon. Founded by the Etruscans, its strategic position it has been disputed for centuries by the major European powers until 1559 when it became the capital of the small Spanish State of Presidios. From that moment, the urban fortifications were continuously subjected to modifications and updates, until the final layout in the 17th century. The current state of general neglect and the recent urban expansion of the city have greatly compromised the integrity of these fortifications. This paper intends to report the results of a research that, starting from an in-deep historical analysis, aims to define some guidelines for the recovery of the city walls and their historical value in a wider project of urban regeneration.

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