Congresos de la Universitat Politècnica de València, FORTMED2015 - International Conference on Modern Age Fortifications of the Western Mediterranean coast

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La Torre del Grau Vell en la defensa de la costa Sagunto
Teresa Gil Piqueras, Pablo Rodríguez-Navarro

Última modificación: 22-07-2015


The Grau Vell tower, located in the municipality of Sagunto, is a part of a defensive group developed between the XVI and XVIII centuries for protecting and defending the coast of the Valencian Kingdom. The geographic features of the place and the Confirmation in 1459 of Grau as the unique harbor to ship products of Murviedro, are the key of the election this place as strategic, documental and graphic point to analyze the real state of the tower and the battery. The work methodology is based on photogrammetric draws of the set as the base of constructive analyzing and its materials. The results allow us to determine the current state of the set and they will give us information to contrast with coastal towers.

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