Congresos de la Universitat Politècnica de València, FORTMED2015 - International Conference on Modern Age Fortifications of the Western Mediterranean coast

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Fortalezas costeras del Oeste y Norte de Marruecos (S.XV-S.XVII)
Faissal Cherradi Akbil

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I have the intention to speak about military architecture developed during Portuguese occupation between 1415, the conquest of Ceuta, and 1769, The Saudi Dynasty conquered the city of Mazagan (Currently named El Jadida).

The Portugueses started conquering the harbor of Ceuta because in that moment was the key of the commerce between Africa and Europe. They built a lot of strategic places.

During 300 years, Portugueses were fighting against Morocco Army. Currently, We have a lot of buildings set around Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts as the City of Mazagan (El Jadida), Azemmour o Mogador (Essaouira).

Currently, We have got common heritage shared in modern ages. This heritage was recognized by the Moroccan Government and International Communities and it was declared as World Heritage bt UNESCO. Even though We have encouraged the heritage to refurb and rehab it, We really know we have a lot of work to do yet.


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