Congresos de la Universitat Politècnica de València, FORTMED2015 - International Conference on Modern Age Fortifications of the Western Mediterranean coast

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Considerazioni su un sistema museale diffuso delle architetture fortifícate della Valnerina
Stefano D’Avino

Última modificación: 17-07-2015


The Valnerina (the valley of Nera river), in Umbria, is characterized by the diffuse distribution of military structures built between the X and XVI centuries; a set that can be traced today in an integrated route between museums and territory.

Such emergencies must be recognizable and returned to its wider historical and monumental to which they belong; of course such a program imposes a restoration project and a process of arrangement and enhancement. A new approach is the 'diffuse museum': the process of introduction to the history proceeds from the particular to the general, giving up the practice of rebuilding in a symbolic container situations, events, places. These will be sought on the ground, recovered to a historical criticism and linked to centers of interpretation and documentation; the museum becomes a reflection of a conception of heritage that proceeds by progressive selection, aiming to maintain a critical matter and the history of the monuments; an integrated system of tools that perform different functions and integrated.
Such a museum will also feature a major component of virtuality that allows users to provide the context information that facilitate the understanding of a historical artifact or a work; the purpose is not to recreate 'original digital' with the aim of preserving the uniqueness of perishable monuments but to determine a network of logical relations, between chronological element, multiplicity and contexts (environmental, historical and cultural); especially by comparison with monuments, testimonies and documents congruent seats or located elsewhere. Another object is to express the possibility of analysis offered by the perception, permitted by digital reality, to observe details otherwise normally invisible.


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