Congresos de la Universitat Politècnica de València, FORTMED2020 - Defensive Architecture of the Mediterranean

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Disegno di fortificazioni nella cartografia tra i secoli XII e XVI
Arturo Gallozzi, Michela Cigola

Última modificación: 15-05-2020


Drawing of fortifications in the cartography between the twelfth and sixteenth centuries

The contribution schematically analyzes themes and graphic codes related to the cartographic representation, in a period between twelfth and sixteenth centuries. Significant examples of Maps, Nautical charts, Atlases and Globes are examined, highlighting some characteristic aspects, connected to the figuration of fortified and non-fortified cities. In cartography the period considered is extremely significant. Because there is the passage from a predominantly symbolic representation of the world to a “modern” evolution of maps, based on direct observations using measuring instruments.

Palabras clave

Mappae mundi; itineraria picta; nautical maps; cartography; Jerusalem; city icons

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