Congresos de la Universitat Politècnica de València, FORTMED2020 - Defensive Architecture of the Mediterranean

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Rilievo digitale e analisi dell’ala lusignana del castello di Kyrenia
Matteo Bigongiari, Federico Cioli

Última modificación: 15-05-2020


Digital survey and analysis of the lusignan wing of Kyrenia Castle

The paper illustrates the documentation and analysis methods of a wing of the Kyrenia castle in Cyprus. The laser-scanner and photogrammetry Structure from Motion (SfM) survey campaigns took place during the international workshop “Reading and designing the Kyrenia Castle” held in May 2018 in Girne, involving the Girne American University (Cyprus) and the University of Florence. The survey required a more in-depth analysis of the environments around the courtyard, in particular those located on the eastern front, which host numerous archaeological finds, including the Kyrenia shipwreck, dating back to the fourth century BC. The analysis was based on the drawings (plans, elevations and sections) served as support for diagnostic and material investigations aimed at highlighting the state of superficial conservation and structures and their historical stratigraphy.

Palabras clave

Kyrenia castle; digital survey; diagnostic analysis; conservation

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