Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, First International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Computer based learning and comprehension of power generation cycles using a model programmed in Engineering Equation Solver (EES): Analysis of a Gas- Turbine Brayton cycle
Carla Montagud, Joan Pons Llinares, Maria Cristina Rodríguez Monzonís

Last modified: 10-06-2015


The comprehension of the influence of each design and operation parameter in a power generation cycle requires a complex analysis mainly due to coupled effects existing in these cycles and which is too hard to be assessed manually by the students during a practical session. Therefore, the use of a software tool specially developed for this purpose becomes essential. The present work presents a model of a Gas-Turbine Brayton cycle developed in EES (Engineering Equation Solver), which enables the student to make simulations in the software and easily determine the optimal design parameters that would maximize the electric energy production in this kind of cycle. In order to evaluate the usefulness of this tool, two questionnaires with the same questions were prepared and were provided to the students before and after the practical session. After analyzing the results of the questionnaires, and taking into account the comments provided by the students, it was concluded that using this methodology helps to stimulate the student’s understanding during the session, and enables to verify that students put into practice their theoretical knowledge, being able to make a better transfer to more complicated and real applications in the future.


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