Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, First International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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A formative approach to the relation of the university to companies: Beyond obtaining resources
Nivia Alvarez Aguilar, Jaime Arturo Castillo Elizondo, Arturo Torres Bugdud, Jorge Alejandro Cupich Guerrero

Last modified: 10-06-2015


In Mexico the linking of universities to companies has traditionally being intended to obtain resources and little attention has been given to its formative dimension. The relation university- companies has been renewed at the Faculty of Mechanics and Electric Engineering to foster the formative contribution of professional practice. Nevertheless, as a dynamic and multifactorial process, it requires permanent monitoring and improvement of students’ training. This paper is aimed at analyzing the effect of linking university faculties to companies on the education of  would-be engineers. The findings include the foundations and assessment of the formative approach resulting from a theoretical inquire and gathering opinions of professors, students and managers by means of interviews and other techniques. The study proved that a comprehensive strategy oriented to the students’ education is needed to influence upon social development.

Keywords: formative approach, linking process; education of engineers


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