Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, First International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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The surveys: nexus between industry and academia
Javier Fernandez, Montserrat Cruells, Núria Escaja, José Antonio Garrido, Jaume Giménez, Montserrat Llauradó, Antonio Roca, Laura Rodriguez, Maria Lluïsa Sagristà, Carme Navarro, Oriol Bernad, Carla Escobar, Núria López

Last modified: 10-06-2015


Analysis and improvement processes are key aspects in any quality management system and they have to be applied on the quality management systems that have all degrees currently taught at Spanish Universities. In this way, surveys can be an important tool. For this reason, the Faculty of Chemistry of the Universitat de Barcelona prepared a survey for chemical and pharmaceutical companies to identify the type of training that is required for students. The survey has questions related to the laboratory operations, chemical processes, calculation methods, management systems of quality, environment and safety, general management information, etc. The items are related to the formation given to the students in the Faculty. The scores obtained (minimum 1, maximum 4) are between 2 and 3 in all the items, both the required knowledge as to the skills demonstrated by students. This means a good agreement between the formation achieved by the students and the expectations of the industries. However, these results also show that the training of students can still be improved.


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