Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, First International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Teachers Education: a Project for Evaluation/Self Assessment in Educational and Lifelong Learning Way. A first Report of Research Experience
Gabriella Aleandri, Luca Girotti

Last modified: 10-06-2015


The paper aims at stressing the discussion about the significant and topical issues that are evaluation and self-assessment in educational contexts, from teachers’ initial tertiary education and training to in-service and lifelong one. Finally, we will point out the strategic functions derived from building an organic evaluation system, which may allow a systemic and overall look about the whole scope of evaluation, as well as promote and improve a monitoring network. It will be useful primarily for teachers to know about their professional activities and have thus the opportunity to improve. Moreover, we will illustrate some results of a first experience on the investigation into the knowledge and ideas of the students attending the Primary Education degree course at the University of Macerata (Italy). Such survey is included within a broader research project about outcomes of future teachers. The methodologies used are both quantitative (most used statistical methods) and qualitative (a method autonomously adapted from Grounded Theory by Glaser and Strauss). A first data analysis shows that, as written by the students of the pilot sample, the characteristic that must not fail the teacher to be a good evaluator is objectivity, an aspect also much discussed within the scientific community.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4995/HEAd15.2015.490

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