Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Second International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Context-aware assessment in out-of-classroom activities by means of mobile technologies
Xavier Perramon, Josepa Alemany Costa, Ricardo Torres Kompen, Chirstopher Kenneth

Last modified: 12-07-2016


This paper proposes a framework for context-aware assessment of out-of-classroom subjects with the support of mobile technologies.  The paper discusses:  (a) the principles and implications of out-of-classroom activities, e.g. internships, outdoors practicals of topography, of agricultural or marine engineering, virtual university courses, etc.;  and (b) context-aware assessment, in which some context elements (location, date and time, environmental circumstances) may be incorporated into the assessment by means of mobile technology.  The aim of this framework is to provide the tools that will allow for an enhanced evaluation, by taking into account the context of the activities being carried out.  Given the characteristics of the activities, the assessment will be based on submissions prepared by the students, which will automatically incorporate context information that can be relevant for the assessment.  The framework will be tested with several groups of students participating in internships and/or international mobility programmes, from different universities (public, private, semi-public).

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