Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Second International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Consolidation of a professional approach experience on motivating Computer Engineering students to the application of legal issues
Mayte Lozano, Raquel Trillo-Lado

Last modified: 06-06-2016


In previous courses, professors of the degree of ComputerScience and Software Engineering of the University of Zaragoza realised that students did not like studying materias related to Legislation and Information Systems. However, these topics are key when Computer Science and Software Engineers have to analyse, design, implement and mantain Information Systems in different environments such as enterprises, public entities, etc. because rights  of users/clients  of  these  systems must be guaranteed. So, a more appeling way to  teach those topics to motivate the students to take them into account was designed.This  paper  describes  the  methodology and the main activities designed in the 2014/2015  and  2015/2016  courses in order to get the attention of the students on topics related to the current Spanish legislation and Information Systems. Moreover, some indicators about the performance of the students and their opinions about this new methodology are also described and analysed.

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