Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Second International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Evaluation on ESQ 165 Training as Spiritual-Engineering-Based Motivation Training in an Attempt to Build the Character of the Members of the Subregional Police of Ciamis
Ira Irawati, Nunung Runiawati

Last modified: 06-06-2016


The reform of the Indonesian NationalPolice (Polri) requires the change in the behaviour of its members to be more professional in their service to the public. ESQ 165 Training is chosen as one of the programs in an attempt of character building of the members of the Subregional Police (Polres) of Ciamis. ESQ 165Training is character-building training categorized as a type of motivation training which uses comprehensive and sustainable spiritual engineering.This research aims to evaluate ESQ 165 Training in an attempt to build the character of the members of the Subregional Police of Ciamis. The theory utilized in this research is Kirkpatrick’s Framework which consists of four studied levels, namely reaction level, learning level, behavioural level, and result level. This research uses a quantitative descriptive research method. Data-gathering technique uses questionnaires distributed among 179 members of the Subregional Police of Ciamis who has participated in ESQ 165 Training, observation and interviews. The result of the research shows that 87.9% of the respondents likes the training (reaction level), 92.6% of the respondents understand the material of training (learning level), respondents shows changes in motivation, attitude and behaviour (behaviour level), and the public appreciate the performance of the Subregional Police of Ciamis which has undergone significant changes (result level). Therefore, ESQ 165 Training can be recommended as one of training methods utilized in character building.

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