Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Second International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Training school teachers to the use of ICT – a preliminary study on motivation and attitude to innovation
Giulia Mura, Mirella Ferrari, Davide Diamantini

Last modified: 07-06-2016


As part of a project introducing digital technologies in the daily practice of primary and secondary school teacher’s of an Italian municipality, the whole body of teachers was enrolled in a training course on the use of ICT in didactic. Before the beginning of the training , data on three main topics (attitude towards teaching, ICT expertise, attitude towards training on the use of ICT,) were collected via a pen and paper questionnaire. The aim of the questionnaire was to help identifing factos facilitating and preventing a successful exit of training, in order to better costumize it.

A total of 456 questionnaire were analized, and main results higligthed an average level of ICT competence among the interviewed, with relevant gaps, however, on the tools more useful for teaching purposes. Teachers expressed a good inclination towards the more creative aspects of their profession,an element evaluated as positive in view of the adoption of more student-centered pedagocical practices. At the same time  conflicting attitude were expressed on the whole idea of entering a  training process.

On the basis of the data and the literature review, suggestions for the definition of the teachers’ training are offered.

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