Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Third International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Outcome assessment of the online English learning and management system: A project on educational technology application to English learning in Taiwanese polytechnic higher education
Da-Fu Huang

Last modified: 29-05-2017


This paper presents the result of a three-year action research plan involving the innovative application of “LiveDVD”, a web-based English learning system loaded with VODs and embedded into the English learning program of a polytechnic university in Taiwan. Over the implementation period, the LiveDVD action plan essentially involves use requirement on students along with creation of learning and assessment materials for the target VODs and outcome management. Outcome assessment indicators include (1) the association between use activeness of LiveDVD and pass status of English proficiency certificates and (2) the causal relations between LiveDVD-related variables and English learning outcome.  A survey questionnaire on LiveDVD and the management platform were employed to collect relevant data. The chi-squared test of group independence and an SEM-based path analysis were performed to address the outcome indicators respectively. The findings of the project include: (1) use of LiveDVD is positively and significantly associated with the pass status of English proficiency certificates and, (2) use motivation has direct effect on English proficiency and create the significant mediation effect on English proficiency certificates.  This project yields significant implications especially for vocational higher education in Taiwan in the innovative application of educational technology to English education coupled with an effective outcome management model.

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