Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Third International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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AIM-Mobile Learning Platform 3.0: Design of new functionalities to integrate smartphones in the teaching-learning process
Noemí Merayo, Alberto Medina, Guillermo Goyanes, Ignacio de Miguel, Juan Carlos Aguado, Ramón José Durán, Patricia Fernández, Rubén Mateo Lorenzo, Evaristo José Abril

Last modified: 29-05-2017


The combination of Learning Management Systems (LMS) with smartphones is gaining importance in Higher Education studies. Therefore, we have designed a responsive virtual environment, AIM-Mobile Learning Platform, focus on integrating smartphones in class. It permits teachers to send real time questions and learning packets with multimedia resources to students through their smartphones. As the environment instantaneously processes every student response their continuous progress is automated. Moreover, the environment permits to manage teachers, subjects and students by means of a generic interface that can be applied in many educational disciplines. The new version includes more functionalities to promote their consolidation in Education. It integrates an installation and configuration package to provide high flexibility for Institutions as they can intall it in their own servers. Besides, we have complemented the existing quantitative evaluation system with a qualitative functionality based on positives and negatives taking into account the participation of students in class. Finally, the new version allows students to design questions with the aim to build knowledge. These strategies seek to increase the motivation, implication and attention of students in subjects, promoting a constant feedback inside class, which helps students to be more conscious of their self-learning process.

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