Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Third International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Rubrics use and in-class feedback in higher education: Students’ perceptions and their effect on academic achievement
Roser Bono, María Isabel Núñez-Peña, Macarena Suárez-Pellicioni

Last modified: 29-05-2017


This study examines students’ views regarding two types of feedback: that obtained through rubrics and that given by the class tutor (rubrics and in-class feedback, respectively). We constructed an ad hoc questionnaire to assess students’ perceived usefulness of both types of feedback. The sample comprised 135 undergraduates from the University of Barcelona who were enrolled in a Research Designs course as part of the degree in Psychology. On almost all the questionnaire items the percentage of positive views was high for both types of feedback, although especially for in-class feedback. As for academic achievement, we observed no statistically significant differences between those students who only used rubrics, those who attended feedback classes and those who received both types of feedback. However, the latter left fewer questions unanswered in the multiple-choice exam, as compared with their peers who only used rubrics. Finally, those students who felt that the use of rubrics and feedback classes had helped them feel less anxious about exams obtained higher grades.

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