Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Third International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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LearnTeamPlenum – A Pragmatic Approach for Inverted Teaching
Juliane Siegeris

Last modified: 29-05-2017


The paper proposes a new teaching approach, that has been adapted from the LearnTeamCoaching - a method from the inverted classroom catalog. In comparison with other inverted teaching scenarios, it requires less preparation effort, i.e. no videos and scripts. Instead the students are asked to investigate the subject autonomously using provided papers and the World Wide Web. Another adaption concerns the format of the common lecture. Here the reflection of the learning matter is based on posters, that have been prepared as a result of the investigation. The paper introduces the method and provides details regarding the experience gained during its application at the HTW Berlin in the study program computer science and business administration. In the end, the application of the method for different subjects and different organizational settings is discussed.

Keywords: inverted classroom; teaching experience, competency-based learning, active learning

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