Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Third International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Innovative 3D Animations for Teaching Electromagnetic Field Theory and its Mathematics in Undergraduate Engineering
Markus Hennig, Bärbel Mertsching

Last modified: 30-05-2017


In this work, an innovative approach for the design and structuring of teaching videos systematically using 3D animations is presented. The approach focuses on the quantitative description of electromagnetic fields and the mathematical methods and competencies required for this purpose, exemplarily with regard to an undergraduate electrical engineering course during the initial phase of corresponding degree programs. An essential part of this course is the spatial and time-dependent description of electromagnetic fields. For this purpose, students have to work with multiple integrals in 3D space and in different coordinate systems. Such subjects are typically covered only later in mathematics courses and without a technical context, therefore leading to major difficulties for many students. The videos presented in this work are intended to support students and lecturers to work with these subjects in an instructive fashion. The 3D animations allow for effectively clarifying complex connections between technical and mathematical aspects. The videos and their specific design are discussed with regard to didactic and technical considerations. Additionally, their integration with existing interventions for the course is described.

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