Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Third International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Gamification in teaching Maintenance Engineering: a Dutch experience in the rolling stock management learning
Alberto Martinetti, Jorge Eduardo Parada Puig, Charlotte Oude Alink, Jos Thalen, Leo A.M. van Dongen

Last modified: 05-06-2017


The aim of this study is to evaluate the application of an innovative serious game based on the asset management of rolling stock in the training of future maintenance engineers within the master course in mechanical engineering at the University of Twente. The Logistic Support Game (LSG) is a serious game developed together with Dutch Railway (Nederlandse Spoorwegen, NS) and Invocate (design firm) as a tool to simulate the maintenance operations of a fleet of trains. The simulation shows four perspectives: the operations manager, the asset manager, the maintenance manager and the financial manager.

The three goals of this innovative training are the improvement of student engagement in the learning process, the increasing of active cooperation between students with different roles in a group, and the opportunity to receive feedback on decision making. To indicate achievement of these goals we link them to the basic needs of learning: competence, relatedness and autonomy.

A total of thirty six students played the serious game in two different sessions. At the end of each session, a survey is collected for game based learning assessment. Results suggest that the serious game has a positive impact on student engagement, cooperation, and helps transfer course contents.

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