Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Third International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Virtual USATIC: A totally on-line conference to share good practices and experiences using ICT on Higher Education
José Luis Alejandre Marco, Ana Allueva Pinilla, María Teresa Lozano Albalate, Raquel Trillo Lado

Last modified: 08-06-2017


During the last decades, the use of virtural environments and platforms to leverage the learning-teaching processes has increased enormously. However, there exists few virtual initiatives to discuss and promote good practices on these environtments.

This paper presents the initiative Virtual USATIC (Ubicuo y Social: Aprendizaje con TIC), a conference with a totally virtual format, whose main goal is to provide a virtual environment where people involved in higher education (students, professors, etc.) can share and discuss their experiences about the use of Information and Communication Technologies in learning processes. Moreover, the conference also promotes the participation of the attendants to on-line tutorials, courses and virtual training workshops on specific topics (Digital Right Managements of material, Accesability and Usuability of materials, etc.) where all participants can learn and experience  on issues related to the conference.

This iniciative started on June 2013 and has been repeated every year since then. So, different parameters to evaluate its evolution and success are described along this paper.

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