Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Third International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Student Auditing of University Social Responsibility - Reform through Reflective, Experiential Learning?
Márcia Coelho, Fernanda Rodrigues, Peter Evans, Isabel Menezes, Brian Martin

Last modified: 07-06-2017


The emphasis on the social responsibility of higher education institutions emerged more systematically in the Post-Bologna European context. This paper presents an overview of a case study on a certificate in university social responsibility auditing, based on three European universities: Edimburgh, Kaunas and Porto. The goal is to develop an auditor training for students based on experiential learning, that is coherent and replicable in diverse contexts and that involves the various stakeholders. The project is based on a set of benchmarks of university social responsibility developed in the context of a European project, namely:  Research, Teaching, Support for Learning and Public Engagement; Governance; Environmental and Societal Sustainability; and Fair Practices. We will report on the initial data generated by the ESSA Project, in respect of student recruitment, baseline attitudes and the impact of participation in the training and the first audit.

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