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Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Higher Education Advances PDF
Josep Domenech, M. Cinta Vicent-Vela, Elena de la Poza, Desamparados Blazquez

HEAd'17 Conference

Designing a New Video Game App as an aid for Introduction to Programming classes that use C Programming Language PDF
Maria Pantoja
Resigned Indifference: The importance of Cultural Competent Education PDF
kathleen markey, Mary Tilki, Gina Taylor
Impact of students’ performance in the continuous assesment methodology through Moodle on the final exam PDF
Paloma Merello-Giménez, Ana Zorio-Grima
Strategies to assess generic skills for different types of students PDF
Amparo Baviera-Puig, Carmen Escriba-Perez, Juan Buitrago-Vera
Outcome assessment of the online English learning and management system: A project on educational technology application to English learning in Taiwanese polytechnic higher education PDF
Da-Fu Huang
Freshman African engineering student perceptions on academic feedback – A case study from Digital Systems 1 PDF
Rangith Kuriakose
Comparative analysis of higher education study programs’ quality, efficiency and effectiveness PDF
Irina Arhipova, Liga Paura, Janis Eiduks, Gatis Vitols
The Unisa KZN Students’ Perspectives of Student Success PDF
Nombulelo Molly Cynthia Phewa
Flipping the classroom and turning the grades – a solution to teach unbeloved phase diagrams to engineering students PDF
Anja Pfennig
Improvement of learning outcome in material science through inverted classroom techniques and alternative course assessment PDF
Anja Pfennig
Short Story in an ESL Freshman English Course: Bridging the Gap between language and literature PDF
Deniz Ezgi AVCI VILE
A new approach to the introductory teaching of Computing and IT at the Open University UK PDF
Chris Bissell
Autonomy-supportive learning with VaKE (Values and Knowledge Education) in teacher education. Fostering empathy and cognitive complexity. PDF
Alfred Weinberger, Jean-Luc Patry, Sieglinde Weyringer
Authentic experiential work in the socialisation of undergraduate students: an EHEA-framed epistemological consideration PDF
Robert Martínez Carrasco
Impact of a teacher development programme on approaches to teaching in higher education PDF
José Luis González-Geraldo, Fuensanta Monroy
Satisfaction and Getting a Career Employment Expectations of Undergraduate Students and their use of Support Services PDF
Melissa James MacEachern
Testing the Trust Game with undergraduates: An experiment with wealth heterogeneity PDF
Maria Caballer-Tarazona, Aurora García-Gallego, Amalia Rodrigo-González
Enquiry Based Learning: A Valuable Mechanism at Level 9? PDF
Angela Siobhan Wright
Effect of an educational game on student´s learning: different approaches for evaluation PDF
FERNANDA Klein MARCONDES, Lais Tono Cardozo, Pamela Mello-Carpes, Luis Henrique Montrezor
Pedagogies of Academic Writing in Teacher Education: from Epistemology to Practice and back again PDF
Christian Beighton, Alison Blackman
An affordable and modular development environment for PLC-Training PDF
Werner Beyerle
Exploring PechaKucha in EFL Learners’ Public Speaking Performances PDF
Sholpan Zharkynbekova, Roza Flurovna Zhussupova, Shynar Suleimenova
Attitudes and attitude change of students towards the relationship between theory and practice PDF
Thomas Fischer, Andreas Bach, Kathrin Rheinländer
Financing Quality in Mexican State Public Universities PDF
Marco Tulio Ocegueda-Hernández, Patricia Moctezuma-Hernández, Alejandro Mungaray-Lagarda
University and Enterprises Linkages for Regional Development in México PDF
Patricia Moctezuma, Sergio López, Alejandro Mungaray
Facilitating epistemological access by developing students experiences of undergraduate research PDF
Anisa Vahed, Shalini Singh
New pedagogical configurations for traditional learning tools: a proposal PDF
Elena Raimúndez-Urrutia, Mariella Azzato Sordo
Liberalism and race equality in higher education: The shift from the mandatory to the persuasive PDF
Andrew Pilkington, Melanie Crofts
Applied learning through international collaboration: Using research on domestic violence as a learning tool PDF
Jose Luis Gamez Hernandez, Cristina Hidalgo López, Maria de los Angeles Surian Barrios, David William Tushaus
AIM-Mobile Learning Platform 3.0: Design of new functionalities to integrate smartphones in the teaching-learning process PDF
Noemí Merayo, Alberto Medina, Guillermo Goyanes, Ignacio de Miguel, Juan Carlos Aguado, Ramón José Durán, Patricia Fernández, Rubén Mateo Lorenzo, Evaristo José Abril
Assessment of microproject-based teaching/learning (MicroPBL) experience in industrial engineering degrees PDF
Alpha Pernía-Espinoza, Enrique Sodupe-Ortega, Fco. Javier Martinez-de-Pison-Ascacibar, Ruben Urraca-Valle, Javier Antoñanzas-Torres, Andres Sanz-García
Sciences come alive for first-year university students through flipped classroom. PDF
Jyothi Thalluri, Joy Penman
Enhancing business students’ skills through a cross-curricular activity PDF
Dolors Gil-Doménech, Jasmina Berbegal-Mirabent, Gabriel F. Borsot
Personal development, resilience theory and transition to university for 1st year students PDF
Luke Pickard, James McKenna, Julie A Brunton, Andrea Utley
Reasons for the poor employability of the first degree in students’ perceptions PDF
Cristina Sin, Orlanda Tavares
Teaching agile methodologies in a project management course PDF
Jasmina Berbegal-Mirabent, Dolors Gil-Doménech, Nídia Berbegal-Mirabent
In Search of Reusable Educational Resources in the Web PDF
Claudia Steinberger
The Effect of Engineering Education Accreditation on Materials Engineering Education in University of Seoul PDF
Hakjin Kim, Ohsung Song
Rubrics use and in-class feedback in higher education: Students’ perceptions and their effect on academic achievement PDF
Roser Bono, María Isabel Núñez-Peña, Macarena Suárez-Pellicioni
The relationship between demographics and the academic achievement of engineering students PDF
Nicolaas Johannes Luwes, James Swart
LearnTeamPlenum – A Pragmatic Approach for Inverted Teaching PDF
Juliane Siegeris
Universities and standardization instruments: the willingness to put an end to the organized anarchy PDF
Sarah Croché, Jean Emile Charlier
Integration of a MOOC into a traditional third-level e-learning platform PDF
Frank Fuchs-Kittowski
Learning spaces around the university: Factors that affect the preferences for a space PDF
Jason Wen Yau Lee
Comparison of traditional lecture and flipped classroom for teaching programming PDF
Dieter Pawelczak
Prediction of college grades in the sample of Norwegian students PDF
Velibor Bobo Kovac, Anne Karin Vikstøl Olsen, Kristin Spieler
A Note on the Pedagogies about Comprehensive Learning PDF
Enyang Guo
A successful institutional policy of quality postgraduates at the UABC PDF
Gerardo Huber, Patricia Moctezuma, Juan Manuel Ocegueda
“University Challenges”: Addressing Transition and Retention through Games-Based Learning PDF
Natalia Gerodetti, Darren Nixon
Innovative Learning Analytics Research at a data-driven HEI PDF
David Azcona, Owen Corrigan, Philip Scanlon, Alan F Smeaton
Researcher, PI and CEO - Managing a Large Scale Environmental Restoration Project in New York City; Creating Expectations, Establishing Structure, Protocols and Realistic Outcomes PDF
Lauren Beth Birney, George Diamantakos
Methodology of the comprehensive teacher training PDF
Lola Dzhumanova
Teachers’ perceptions about their practices and needs for improvement: A qualitative research project at the University of Padova PDF
Debora Aquario, Renata Clerici, Lorenza Da Re, Ettore Felisatti, Cristina Mazzucco, Omar Paccagnella, Anna Serbati
Developing Communication Competencies Through E-Learning: The Motivating Potential of Adaptive Video Role Play PDF
Djoerd Hiemstra, Anne Carine Zagt
The New Function of the Student Leisure in Russian Education PDF
Dmitry Yur`evch Narkhov, Elena Nikolaevna Narkhova, Polina Andreevna Khorova
What should students learn in the digital world? PDF
Thilo Harth, Frank Dellmann
University Teachers’ Perceptions about Assessment Practices: A Study in Five Portuguese Universities. PDF
Diana Pereira, Maria Assunção Flores
Innovative Food Systems Teaching and Learning: overcoming disciplinary and teaching silos to fix the food system PDF
Raquel Ajates Gonzalez
Embedding Information Rights into Higher Education in the UK PDF
Deborah Alison Adshead
Public University Models for Education – from Innovation to Entrepreneurship PDF
peter oneill, Nell Kimberley, Chih Wei Teng
Pedagogy and content evolution in cross-border higher education: Evidence from an American-Singaporean cross-border partnership PDF
Dara R Fisher
The ICT and gamification: tools for improving motivation and learning at universities PDF
J. Javier Serrano Lara, Félix Fajardo Magraner
An Action Day for First-Semester Students, fostering Self-Reflection, Networking and many other Skills PDF
Daniela Zehetmeier, Veronika Thurner, Axel Böttcher
Internationalization and Digitalization in Engineering Education PDF
Natascha Strenger, Dominik May, Tobias Ortelt, Daniel Kruse, Sulamith Frerich, A. Erman Tekkaya
What if students propose their own examinations? An introductory experiment PDF
Marta Rojo, Mónica Preciado, Hernán Gonzalo-Orden, Ignacio Moreno, Silvia Casado, David Cárdenas
Design, implementation and evaluation of an authentic assessment experience in a pharmacy course: are students getting it? PDF
Jose Manuel Serrano Santos
Using open software to teach resource assessment of renewable energies PDF
Alain Ulazia, Gabriel Ibarra-Berastegui, Mirari Antxustegi, Maria Gonzalez, Alvaro Campos, Aitor Urresti
Driving institutional change: challenge based learning for the University of the 21st Century PDF
Xavier Mas, Lluís Pastor, Marta Merino, Loles González, Toni Martínez-Aceituno
Using COCA to Foster Students’ Use of English Collocations in Academic Writing PDF
Deena Mohammad Mansour
Teacher training: a model for introducing innovative digital methodologies for learning Mathematics PDF
Alice Barana, Michele Fioravera, Marina Marchisio
Teaching Theory in Applied Degrees: A Critical Examination of Curricular Design for Translation Theory Subjects in Comparison with the Students' Expectations PDF
Pilar Ordóñez López, Rosa Agost
Innovative 3D Animations for Teaching Electromagnetic Field Theory and its Mathematics in Undergraduate Engineering PDF
Markus Hennig, Bärbel Mertsching
“Nobody is strange”: mobility and interculturality in higher education from the viewpoint of a group of Portuguese international music students PDF
Darlinda Moreira, Gabriel Antão
Gamification in teaching Maintenance Engineering: a Dutch experience in the rolling stock management learning PDF
Alberto Martinetti, Jorge Eduardo Parada Puig, Charlotte Oude Alink, Jos Thalen, Leo A.M. van Dongen
Trends in student behavior in online courses PDF
Rianne Conijn, Menno van Zaanen
Project Based Learning experience with engineering students for the design of steel structures PDF
Carmen Ibáñez Usach, David Hernández Figueirido
Improving the acquisition of English language competencies with international workgroups of university finance students PDF
Maria T Tascon, Paula Castro, Francisco J. Castaño
Effective Integration of Gamification and Learning Management Systems for Creating Gamified Learning Arrangements PDF
Alexander Bartel, Georg Hagel, Christian Wolff
Project studies integrated into the working processes of companies PDF
Jörn Freiheit, Frank Fuchs-Kittowski, Juliane Siegeris
Insights into the expectations of mobility students: the impact of Erasmus in their future professional careers PDF
Dora Simões, Margarida M. Pinheiro, Cláudia Amaral Santos, Sandra Filipe, Belem Barbosa, Gonçalo Paiva Dias
The Interactivity of a Virtual Museum at the Service of the Teaching of Applied Geology PDF
Fernando Gómez-Fernández, María Fernández-Raga, Hector Alaiz-Moretón, Ana-María Castañon-García, Covadonga Palencia
Block Teaching as the Basis for an Innovative Redesign of the PG Suite of Programmes in University of Bedfordshire Business School PDF
Alexander Kyriakos Kofinas, Yongmei Bentley, Cathy Minett-Smith, Guangming Cao
The CAMBRIA case: Learning through experience PDF
Juan Esteban Escalante, Sara Aguilar-Barrientos
Practise makes perfect: developing critical thinking and writing skills in undergraduate science students PDF
Sarah Hall
Critical analysis and digital literacy in learning social psychology PDF
Joan González-Conde, Nuria Codina, Rafael Valenzuela, Jose Vicente Pestana
Teamwork: Assessment of teamwork competence in higher education PDF
Jose Navarro, Bosch Josep Lluis, Palacín María, Marina Solé, Rita Berger, David Leiva, Francesca Ceppi, Júlia Castellano
Assessing resilience at University PDF
ALBERTO CIOLFI, Morena Sabella
Automated Program Analysis for Novice Programmers PDF
Ansgar Fehnker, Tim Blok
Is student procrastination related to controlling teacher behaviours? PDF
Rafael Valenzuela, Nuria Codina, Jose Vicente Pestana, Joan González-Conde
Animal welfare and Ethics course for post-graduate at Veterinary School: how to improve assessment methodologies with a bottom up approach PDF
Linda Ferrante, Simona Normando, Daniela Florio, Barbara de Mori
Competency Based Education – Current Global Practices PDF
Marcela Hernández-de-Menéndez, Ruben Morales-Menendez
Student Auditing of University Social Responsibility - Reform through Reflective, Experiential Learning? PDF
Márcia Coelho, Fernanda Rodrigues, Peter Evans, Isabel Menezes, Brian Martin
Getting in and getting out: Predicting the likelihood of graduation of master’s program students PDF
Anna Miriam Lukkarinen, Paula Koivukangas
Academic Managers` Perspective on Research Management in Higher Education Institutions across Romania PDF
Elena Marin, Simona Iftimescu, Georgeta Ion, Mihaela Stingu, Carmen Proteasa
Differences in Research Literacy in Educational Science Depending on Study Program and University PDF
Jana Groß Ophoff, Sandra Schladitz, Markus Wirtz
Conceptualizing a Theoretical Framework: Embodied Narrative Knowing PDF
Michael Duncan Overton
Feedback-based Learning Through Online Feedback Systems in Higher Education PDF
Paula Figas, Alexander Bartel, Georg Hagel
Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET): Clues on how to interpret written feedback PDF
Guillaume Schiltz
Introducing a Cross-Course Teaching Innovation to Enhance Group Project Performance PDF
Mark DeFanti
Makerspaces in Higher Education: the UR-Maker experience at the University of La Rioja PDF
Alpha Pernía-Espinoza, Enrique Sodupe-Ortega, Sergio Peciña-Marqueta, Sergio Martínez-Bañares, Andres Sanz-Garcia, Julio Blanco-Fernandez
Examining Preservice Teachers’ Self-Efficacy for Enhancing Literacy of Diverse Learners through Music PDF
Nancy McBride Arrington
How about equality and equity in higher music education? A theoretical framework for researching quality of music teaching and learning PDF
Tuula Jääskeläinen, Guadalupe López-Íñiguez
Students service learning experiencies in Mexican Microenterprises PDF
Alejandro Mungaray-Lagarda, Natanael Ramírez-Angulo, Germán Osorio-Novela
A competency development approach to learning for employment PDF
Kathryn McLachlan, Linda Yeomans, Keith-Zhi-Guo Lim
A Transformative Approach to Social Work Education PDF
Liza Lorenzetti, Rita Dhungel, Diane Lorenzetti, Tatiana Oschepkova, Lemlem Haile
Students’ surveys and involvement in educational activities within virtual environments are related to students’ satisfaction in e-learning graduate programs PDF
Alfonso Barrós-Loscertales, Laura Marquez-Ramos, Oscar Climent, Elisenda Bueichekú, Juan Carlos Bustamante
Development of tools for internal control and leadership recognition in working groups PDF
Anna Biedermann, José María Agudo-Valiente, Ignacio López-Forniés, Belén Sanchez-Valverde-García, Antonio Pardina-Carrera
The influence of competences in business higher education: a student’s approach PDF
Javier Borraz-Mora, Blanca Hernández-Ortega, Marta Melguizo-Garde
JALEA: an authentic and personal path to JApaneseLEArning PDF
Giovanni Lapis, Alessandro Mantelli, Marcella Mariotti
Education as absorptive capacity and its role for economic growth PDF
Estefanía Mourelle, Laura Márquez-Ramos
New opportunities of computer assessment of knowledge based on fractal modeling PDF
Svetlana Dvoryatkina, Eugeny Ivanovich Smirnov, Arseny Lopukhin
An educational software for teaching soil consolidation PDF
Gonzalo García Ros, Manuel Cánovas Vidal, Juan Francisco Sánchez Pérez, Iván Alhama Manteca
Self-learning of the direct soil tomography problem using a specific educational software PDF
Juan Francisco Sánchez Pérez, Iván Alhama Manteca, Gonzalo García Ros, Manuel Cánovas Vidal
Use of webcasting and development of critical thinking skills PDF
Antonella Poce, Francesco Agrusti, Maria Rosaria Re
Use of emerging technologies in flipped classes PDF
Carme Huguet, Jillian Pearse, Leslie F. Noè, Nataly Castillo Ruiz, Diego Valencia, Alexa Jimenez Heredia, Mónica Andrea Patiño Avedaño
Boosting the Employability of Students and Staff at European Higher Education Institutions: An Educational Framework for Entrepreneurship, Internationalisation and Innovation PDF
Christina Saulich, Tine Lehmann
The First Step to Becoming a Kindergarten Teacher :Difficulties and Challenges . PDF
Aviva Hazel Dan, Eitan Simon
The dialogical approach: education for critical consciousness PDF
Rabah Halabi
Objective versus subjective methods to assess discipline-specific knowledge: a case for Extended Matching Questions (EMQs) PDF
Robyn Maree Slattery
Using Blog Comments as Feedback to Promote the Metacognitive Development of Creativity PDF
Mark McMahon, Joseph Heather
Making friends with your team: The benefits of raising learner awareness of intra-team relations PDF
Bryan John Robinson Fryer, M. Dolores Olvera-Lobo
Undergraduates’ Views of Assessment in Higher Education: A Study carried out in Portugal PDF
Patricia Santos, Diana Pereira, Diana Mesquita, Paulo Flores, Rui Pereira, Nuno Dourado, Maria Assunção Flores
An Interdisciplinary 4th Level Education Model:Connected Health PDF
Nicola Mountford, Gemma Watts, Luis Fernandez Luque, Ioanna Chouvarda, Threase Kessie, Tara Cusack
The Role of Coherent Research-Based Curricular Unit in Mediating Students’ Integrated Vision of Human Impact on the Environment PDF
Narmin Shahin Ghalichi, Gillian Roehrig
“Walking a tight rope”- a risky narrative of transition to University PDF
Pauline Suzanne Prevett
Internal determinants of university student employability. Construction and validation of scales PDF
Gloria Caballero, Paula Álvarez, Mª Jesús López-Miguens
Fostering entrepreneurship in an international university collaboration PDF
Robert Rybnicek, Alfred Gutschelhofer, Sabine Bergner, Alexander Seidenberger, Remo Taferner
Personal development in the virtuality; online activities for individual and group growth PDF
Héctor Sáiz-Sánchez, Javier Martínez-De-La-Torre, Roger Esteller-Curto, Enric Serradell-López, Teresa Gallego-Navarro, Andrea Rubert-Albiol
Teaching competences in Italian universities: an attempt of classification to inform professional development processes PDF
Ettore Felisatti, Debora Aquario, Renata Clerici, Lorenza Da Re, Omar Paccagnella, Anna Serbati
Developing problem solving competences through the resolution of contextualized problems with an Advanced Computing Environment PDF
Alice Barana, Michele Fioravera, Marina Marchisio
Enhance, Extend, Empower: Understanding Faculty Use of E-Learning Technologies PDF
Vicki Squires, Nancy Turner, Sandra Bassendowski, Jay Wilson, Susan Bens
Virtual USATIC: A totally on-line conference to share good practices and experiences using ICT on Higher Education PDF
José Luis Alejandre Marco, Ana Allueva Pinilla, María Teresa Lozano Albalate, Raquel Trillo Lado
Evaluating Learner Engagement in Arts Education: Perspectives from Music and Drama in Education PDF
Luca Marrucci, Erika Piazzoli
Environmental training at companies. The case of Volkswagen Navarra PDF
Marta Ormazabal, Elisabeth Viles, Vanessa Prieto-Sandoval, Carmen Jaca
Public Higher Education Governing Boards Composition and Regional Difference in U.S. PDF
Developing engineering students’ engagement with Circular Economy practices PDF
Marta Ormazabal, Carmen Jaca, Vanessa Prieto-Sandoval, Álvaro Lleó
Online Students’ Expectations Differ: The advantage of assessing students’ expectations in online education PDF
Desiree Wieser, Jürgen Matthias Seeler, Karin Sixl-Daniell, Anita Zehrer
An Investigation into Third Level Module Similarities and Link Analysis PDF
Michael Keane, Markus Hofmann
Team-Based Learning in Chemistry Courses with Laboratory Sessions PDF
Joao Aires-de-Sousa, M. Margarida Cardoso, Luisa Maria Ferreira, Joao Carlos Lima, Joao Paulo Noronha, Ana V. M. Nunes, Manuel Nunes da Ponte
Aprendo Enseñando: Autonomy, Creativity, and Technology to Promote Mathematical Learning PDF
Oscar Felipe Bernal Pedraza
Developing speaking competences in technical English for Spanish civil engineering students PDF
Romero de Ávila Serrano Vicente, Sarai Diaz García, Laura Asensio Sánchez, Jose Antonio Lozano Galant, Amparo Moyano Enríquez de Salamanca, Rocío Porras Soriano, Elisa Poveda Bautista, Rita Ruiz Fernández, David Sánchez Ramos, Santos Sánchez-Cambronero, Manuel Agustín Tarifa Crespo, Ángel Yustres Real, Carmen Castillo Sanchez
Graduate programs in education, exploring its meaning and significance of training PDF
María del Rosario Landín Miranda, Diana Ramírez Hernández, Félix Eduardo Núñez Olvera
Relative importance of college success predictors: fluid intelligence, crystallized intelligence, and grit PDF
Ipek Mete, Yonca Toker
Learning Pronunciation with OERs: a practical case for Medicine students PDF
Begoña Bellés-Fortuño, Lucía Bellés-Calvera
The reciprocal value of Doctoral Design Research when housed within a Creative Business Center: a case study in Porto, Portugal. PDF
Heitor Alvelos, Susana Barreto, Fátima São Simão
A case-based tool to assess college students’ perceptions about ethical competence PDF
Gustavo Gonzalez-Cuevas, Marta Lopez del Hierro, Nieves Martinez, Maria Asuncion Hernando
Action research plan to boost participation in college students PDF
Gustavo Gonzalez-Cuevas, Maria Victoria Tabera, Margarita Rubio, Maria Asuncion Hernando, Maria Jose Alvarez
An agreement-based approach for reliability assessment of Students’ Evaluations of Teaching PDF
AMALIA VANACORE, Maria Sole Pellegrino
Are pre-service Primary School teachers prepared to teach science by inquiry? PDF
Javier Montero-Pau, Sandra P. Tierno, Paula Tuzon
An innovative cooperative model for Master Degree Project of Architecture. Overcoming the traditional system. PDF
Carlos Rosa-Jiménez, Nuria Nebot, Alberto E. García-Moreno
Use of LinkedIn in teaching and labour monitoring of the Master in Hotel Companies Management PDF
Frank Babinger, Araceli Maseda Moreno, Lourdes Susaeta Erburu, María Victoria de las Heras Jiménez
Representation of the Student-Centred Learning Approach on University Website PDF
Baiba Āriņa, Tatjana Koķe, Nora Jansone-Ratinika
Promoting Innovation and Creativity in Initial Teacher Technical Education in Ireland: A Case Study PDF
Pauline Anne Logue
Leadership Academic Program Development in North America: Theoretical and Contextual Challenges PDF
Lamine Diallo
Implementing a Freshman Engineering Design Experience at the University of Washington PDF
Brian C Fabien, Keon L Vereen
Teaching Agile Development with DevOps in a Software Engineering and Database Technologies Practicum PDF
Robert Thomas Mason, William Masters, Alan Stark
University Educators' Instructional Choices and Their Learning Styles within a Lesson Framework PDF
Lucille Mazo
Cracking the Cocoon: Promoting Self-Directed Lifelong Learning in EFL Pre-service Teachers in Chile Through the Guided Use of Social Media Tools PDF
Paula Antoinette Charbonneau-Gowdy, Danisa Thamara Salinas Carvajal
Using open software to teach resource assessment of solar thermal and geothermal energy PDF
Alain Ulazia, Aitor Urresti, Alvaro Campos, Gabriel Ibarra-Berastegi, Mirari Antxustegi, Maria Gonzalez-Alriols
Project-Based and Self Directed Learning PDF
Katja Alexandra Davidoff, Carol Piñeiro
Project Learn in English: A CLIL experience at the Faculty of Science of the University of Extremadura PDF
Fernando J Alvarez

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