Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, Fourth International Conference on Higher Education Advances

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Introduction of BIM methodology in education: Concept and application
Alcinia Zita Sampaio

Last modified: 07-05-2018


Teaching Civil Engineering and Architecture requires a permanent updating of knowledge concerning procedures and technologies used in Construction industry. In this sense, the school should seek to adapt its curriculum to include innovative issues to support a better construction. The methodology Building Information Modelling (BIM), involving the concept of information centralized in a unique geometric model and of collaboration of all participants in a project, is strongly supported in advanced technology. An important role of teaching is to organize actions to promote the insertion of new issues in school. The text presents several examples of BIM applications developed by students in the context of MSc researches. Some topics are described in detail: 4D Model for construction planning based on BIM technology; Coordination of construction project based on BIM methodology; Conflict analysis based in an architectural BIM model. The objective is to add competitive skills in the training of future architects and civil engineers.

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